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Source: LifeHacker's the iPad Video-Editing Work Station
Update: Read the companion, follow-up blog entry, Publishing Podcasts from your iPad

Having explored the idea of the iPad as a laptop replacement several times before, I'm shocked at how easily I've fallen into the, "Darn, video/podcast creation sure is easy! What can I podcast?" camp. And, you know when you're trying to find something to podcast or vidcast, you've stumbled upon an awesome toolset that inspires you. I regret, this attitude may come from my childhood days of playing with pencils and notepads...I'd write for hours using a new medium, whether it was a pen or a new word processor of some sort. Why shouldn't I succumb to this with media?

Dr. Ruben Puentedura's discussion of New Horizon Report (YouTube video)

Ironically, my short talk to Webmasters earlier today involved making the transition from webmastering the way it's been done in the past--the way that many school districts and campuses are entrenched in--to digital storytelling. The best example of webmastering as digital storytelling remains, IMHO, the work of Dr. Tim Tyson when he was at MabrySchools.org. I shared some of my favorite examples with the loosely packed (not) attendees at the Webmasters meeting, and found myself sharing some of my favorite podcasting tools.

When I saw Wes Fryer's post, Best iOS Apps for Audio Recording & Sharing, I had to laugh. This is EXACTLY what I've been obsessing about earlier this week, as well as today. Grateful to my team for a Boss' Day iTunes gift card, I took the plunge and purchased a few of the apps others had bragged about but I hadn't had a chance to explore.

While Wes definitely has the edge on me in terms of podcasting, an activity I regret I've only dabbled in, I'm thrilled by the possibilities. Check out Wes Fryer's use of Hokusai and iMovie to create this digital story:

The two iPad apps we’re using to meet these requirements are Hokusai (free) and iMovie for iPad($5). Here is my first Hokusai and iMovie for iPad creation, “Boiling River in Yellowstone.”

Having played with the following tools, here's my pick of tools for an iPad:

  1. Video or Enhanced Podcasts - Pinnacle Studio ($7.99) - This is an easy to use tool that allows you to blend video, photos, and audio easily. You can't get any easier than this. However, if you don't need video, consider using Explain Everything or Educreations to create narrated slideshows. I can imagine principals, teachers and students to share what they are learning as they learn it. Some people prefer iMovie, but having played with both, I like Pinnacle Studio's multi-track approach. You'll end up with both of these, though, since iMovie's Trailer creator is just too much fun.
  2. Audio Only Podcasts - Hokusai Audio Editor (free, ad supported) - For a few dollars, you can remove the advertising from this audio editor. While Wes says it reminds him of Audacity, it feels like a distant cousin (and not the one you want to hang out with except every once in awhile). Instead, if you have $10 to spend, consider MultiTrack DAW, a really nice multi-track audio tool that can work with Hokusai (record in Hokusa, copy-n-paste into MultiTrack DAW). It's a bit pricey, but...I found the interface straightforward, unlike Garageband for iOS, a beautifully designed app, that leaves one wondering, couldn't they have made this easier?
  3. Audio Recording - AudioNote ($4.99) - Finding a simple, easy to use audio recorder for the iPad hasn't been all that easy. I thought the ad-supported iTalk Recorder would do the job, but promptly ditched it for AudioNote (that also allows you to take notes, get audio files off via WiFi and CAF files can be edited in Audacity).

Sigh. On the iPad, you're just stuck paying for apps. Of course, i didn't even mention EverNote with it's built-in Audio recording capabilities, easy to access audio, not to mention "publishability" via RSS from within an EverNote notebook (most of the audio has to be boosted or amplified but no big deal).

What are your favorite tools?

Free Podcast Tools

  • Audio Podcasts
    • Audacity
    • Garageband
    • Audioboo (web-based)
  • Video and/or Enhanced Audio Podcasts
    • Garageband
    • iMovie
  • Audio Podcasts
    • Audacity
    • Audioboo (web-based)
    • iPadio (web-based)
  • Video and/or Enhanced Audio Podcasts
    • MS PhotoStory
    • MS MovieMaker

2. Finding PodSafe Audio

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Stephen Downes said…
Where are you uploading your podcasts, and how are you doing it?
Stephen, thanks for the great questions! Please find my response in a separate companion blog entry: http://www.mguhlin.org/2012/10/publishing-podcasts-from-your-ipad.html

With appreciation,

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