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Earlier today, I had the opportunity to attend the GoogleApps for Education Summit for Area 20 in San Antonio, Texas. I managed to record a few conversations/sessions. This particular conversation begins in mid-stream (ok, so I forgot to turn the audio recorder on until after I'd done a quick intro), and results from an unconference session I had the opportunity to kick off (thanks, Roland!) on the topic of "Google Apps on the iPad."

Although there were about 15-20 people in the room, a few of us did most of the talking! (smile) I'm grateful to Virgil Kirk (Poteet ISD), Suzanne Dreyer (educator), Mary Ray (East Central ISD) for speaking up and sharing their insights.

Most of these topics--GoogleApps on the iPad--are ones I've written about before, and I've included links to those articles below. We've seen some definite improvement over time for those who want to use GoogleApps on the iPad.

I suppose one of the eye-opening conversations was the one that involved two teachers sharing how iPads were just issued to them...no expectations, instructions. "Here you go, figure it out."

Show Links

  1. Links to blog entries I've written that are relevant:
    1. iPad - It's the Bomb!
    2. Sharing #iPad Docs in the Private Cloud using WebDav and OwnCloud 
    3. Create Your Own #iPad #ePub Sharing Station with OwnCloud
    4. 4 Simple Ways to Share iPad App Creations
    5. Sharing via Your iPad Browser 
    6. Comparing iPad Office Suites
    7. Blogging with Blogsy
  2. Edudemic's article on 5 Critical Mistakes related to iPad implementations
  3. iPad apps that allow you to work with GoogleApps:
    1. Cloud On iPad app
    2. Office 2 HD
    3. Docs to Go
    4. Google Drive
  4. WebDav Free Open Source Solution, OwnCloud.org
  5. Mirroring your...
    1. iPad on your Computer - Reflections app for Windows and Mac
    2. Computer on your iPad - Splashtop app
  6. Edmodo.com and using it with teachers. The code provided below will allow you to join the "All Things Apple" group. Here's the code: 70w1b9

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