iPad Setup Resources

Every time I turn around, I realize how I'm still approaching resource sharing with other people under the "old way." You know, you develop your own stuff and don't use anyone else's stuff for fear of copyright. In a time of the remix (that's now), there's no reason why you can't start from scratch with someone else's stuff, then make a few mods provided you give credit where/when it's due.

That "old" approach is why I was shocked to see AllanahK's Initial iPad Setup resources...I wish I'd know about them before!


Check out resources online at


One of the solutions I didn't know about, or probably hadn't seen in awhile, was DotPub, which allows you to turn web pages into ePub documents that can be read on an iPad. One of the tools I didn't see mentioned was my favorite, no-cost ePub reading app, Stanza.





Allanah King said…
Thanks for linking to my Google site. Hope it is useful for people just starting out.



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