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Did you attend the GoogleApps for Education Summit held on October 27, 2012? If you did not, you can still access the resources online at the address below:

You can listen to the podcasts--and more will be added over time--recorded at the Summit; ones recorded are available online:
  1. Google20 Student Panel - This podcast features the student panel that kicked off the Summit presentation, and includes Dr. Roland Rios' welcome to the event.
  2. GoogleApps on the iPad - This podcast is a recording of a conversation about GoogleApps on the iPad, an unconference session held at the Summit.
  3. Exploring Low Cost Options - This podcast features a presentation and an unconference conversation with Bill Long (Harper ISD). It shares how Bill and his Superintendent were able to save money after their budget was cut.
  4. YouCanBook.Me - This session was facilitated by Marguerite Lowak and focuses on a calendar tool that integrates with GoogleCalender to faciltate people "booking you" or reserving your time online using a free tool.

More podcasts will be added in the future! Note that you can stay up to date by joining the free Texas for Technology Enhanced Education (Texas4TEE) -

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