Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emailing the World via Courtesy Copy - Join TexasTEE! #tecsig

It's an easy mistake to make in these times of social media and instant access, the finer points of email etiquette forgotten in time. In fact, some have eschewed email lists as worthless tools from yesteryear. Well, yes, that may be so...but the wheel of Fate spins slowly and what's old is new again.

Earlier today, I received an email with over 800 people copied on the message. Rather than put that LONG list of folks in the BCC box (blind courtesy copy or blind carbon copy), the list of names went into the CC box.

Yes, you can imagine what immediately started happening as people began responding. When they clicked RESPOND TO ALL, they copied the entire list of recipients into their reply. In a few handfuls of replies, unless there is some selective editing done, everyone will get multiple copies of the email list in each message they receive.

That's why I'm inviting Texas Technology Directors, CTOs, CIOs, edtech specialists (those of you that still have jobs after draconian budget cuts), to join a free, non-profit email list for K-16 educators:

Sign up for the Texas for Technology Enhanced Education Email List

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