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A commenter to my previous post about Moodle on iPad mentioned something about Google Swiffy, a product I'd never heard of and, honestly, thought might just be a spam endorsement (I get tons of those, thank goodness for Google Blogger for filtering them out before I even have to review them).

Anyways, a pretty nifty tool for folks to use! It makes me wonder if the old Jing SWFs could be converted with Swiffy...I haven't tried it (since I don't have Jing SWFs laying around), but if you do, give it a shot and share back!
Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads). Swiffy can't yet convert DoubleClick Studio creatives. The Swiffy website makes this [testing the HTML5 generated from SWF on a mobile device] easy for you by giving you a QR code that you can scan to preview the output.
With the Swiffy Extension, you can directly publish to HTML5 from Adobe Flash Professional.On the Swiffy homepage, you can upload your SWF file to convert it to HTML5.

Swiffy supports shapes, embedded fonts, timeline animation, (dynamic) text, movie clips, buttons and scripting using ActionScript 2. The following table summarizes Swiffy's level of support, and indicates which browsers support the generated HTML5:
FeatureChromeSafariMobile SafariAndroid BrowserFirefoxInternet ExplorerOpera
iOS 5
ActionScript 2
[Partially supported]
[Partially supported]
Embedded fonts
[Partially supported]
Static text
Dynamic text[1]
shape, classic, motion
  1. Dynamic text is only supported when using device fonts on Firefox.

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Unknown said…
only converts files smaller than 1MB..what good is that?? was trying a 20 Jing SWF (4 MB in size)

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