Video: The Race to Mediocrity #iPads

Thanks to Cathy Moak for sharing this...worth watching if high stakes testing is taking over YOUR public school.

On the flip side, should we  see the heavy investment of funding in iPads as a race to excellence?

The following headlines and summaries are available via
  • Howe Students To Use IPads In Class
    School officials say they have found a new way to keep students engaged by using iPads, and now they are giving them to every student in the grade. A wireless network was installed at Howe High School this summer, and on Wednesday, teachers distributed iPads for all the new ninth grade students. "I got the Pad 3 and it has a camera and it has these really cool case with a keyboard," says student Ethan Heilman. View Article ]   Aug 31, 2012, 07:57
    Mansfield ISD Distributes iPads to Students and Staff
    iPads are quickly replacing textbooks and enhancing learning for a new generation of students. At first, students thought it too cool to be true. They are really getting an iPad? "I was thinking they were lying a little bit," said Yazmin Blakey, Lake Ridge High School junior. View Article ]   Aug 30, 2012, 07:49
    Growing Up Texas: Manor ISD brings new technology to the classroom
    You can’t walk down the street without seeing someone with a cell phone in hand or a tablet within reach. Technology is becoming more accessible for people of all ages. This year, the Manor Independent School District is issuing iPads to all of its high school students. District officials say the best way to help a student learn is to meet them where they’re at, and kids these days are living virtually. View Article ]   Aug 27, 2012, 08:25
Where are schools focusing their time and money, as opposed to high stakes testing? Hmm....

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