Speeding Up Firefox and More

Like anyone else, I'm looking for a faster browser. Since I bid Chrome a fond farewell, and switched to Firefox, I was surprised at the little adjustments one could make to "speed things up." How? I doubt there's a real speed increase in Firefox overall, but it's amazing what adjusting your mouse scroll speed can do!
If you are using firefox...you might have wondered how you can change mouse scroll speed. To do that, you should roll up your sleeves and go to the hidden firefox settings.

 In address bar type: about:config You will see a textbox and a long list of options and settings.

In the "filter" textbox type: mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines Change the default value to "false".

Then type: mousewheel.withnokey.numlines The default value is "1". Increase this number to have faster scroll speed in firefox. I personally prefer "6".

You don't even need to restart firefox to see the changes. They take effect on the fly. (Source)
This tip worked for me. It might for you.

BTW, here is my list of add-ons for Firefox:

  1. Buffer for Firefox
  2. EverNote - Can't live without this one.
  3. FEBE (the Firefox Environment Backup Extension) - backup all your Firefox stuff for sharing in diff browsers (in case Sync doesn't work)
  4. GreaseMonkey - This makes  a lot possible.  
  5. Hootsuite Hootlet
  6. HTTPS Everywhere
  7. Omnibar - Combines location and search bars to give it a GoogleChrome look.
  8. NoScript
  9. TooManyTabs
  10. TabMixPlus
  11. URL Shorteners - The Shortly one works best for me.

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