Friday, September 28, 2012

San Antonio Computer Show - 09/29/2012

Be sure to show up to the San Antonio Computer Show to be held Saturday, 09/29/2012 at the Live Oak Civic Center!

Get a coupon and save on admission!

Live Oak Civic Center
8101 Pat Booker Rd.
(at Loop 1604)
San Antonio, TX is a collection of dealers under one roof offering rock-bottom prices on all your computer needs. Our venue offers WIFI internet, heat and air conditioning with over 12,000 sq. ft. of vendors competing for your business.

For people not familiar with the show, you can expect "BARGAINS" on the following products at the absolute lowest prices: 

* Laptops
* New PC Complete Systems
* New and Used Hardware
* New and Old Software Titles
* LCD and CRT Monitors,
* Printers, Scanners
* Ink-Jet Recharge Kits
* Imaging Devises
* Internet Services
* Used Hardware
* DVD Media
* Multimedia Upgrades
* Open Source & Freeware Software
* Diagnostic Equipment
* Parts, Cables & Connectors
* Bare Bone Systems
* Computer Related Books
* Refurbished Systems, Monitors
* Cell Phone and Accessories
* Digital Cameras
* and much more...

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