Google Drive #iPad App Supports Doc Editing

Earlier today, I was clued into the fact that the Google Drive iPad app now supports editing of certain documents.

This Google Drive iPad app was just updated. You now can edit and collaborate on documents on the iPad. So far I've not tried Spreadsheets or Presentations. 
It works musch better then the web interface. There are some things lacking however. I couldn't find a way to do chat or leave comments. That said, I'll probably use this with my students and recommend it to other teachers in my building.
(Source: Email from Steve Dickie, who blogs at Teaching with Technology)
As best I could tell, only pretty simple documents (e.g. word processing), as you can see below. In fact, word processing documents with tables in them aren't supported yet.

For students engaged in writing and publishing content--words only--it worked pretty well. I was astonished to find that my bluetooth keyboard also worked well, unlike CloudOn.

Here's what logging into GoogleDrive looked like:

Opening up a GoogleForm was possible but I couldn't edit, only open it in another app (but not an Office app like
Office 2 HD).

This is a document...notice the green-n-white EDIT button in the top right corner. Unfortunately,
Google Drive couldn't handle the table, as you can see below:

That said, I was able to open and edit a word processing document that didn't have anything special:

And sharing options were available:

One question I did have was whether I could create a GoogleDoc using another tool, such as Office 2 HD, then use GoogleDrive to turn sharing on. The answer is YES. This would allow me to easily add content, etc. then share it with others.

This alone makes GoogleDrive's app update worthwhile, IMHO.

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