Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye, Feedburner!


A few months ago, I noticed my Feedburner feed wasn't working. When it happened, I was a bit shocked, but decided it was time to move on. Now, most folks won't have a chance. I looked back in time at old blog entries to 2006 when I first started reading and writing about Feedburner and how useful it was....

Why do I need the Feed? I want to drop it into so I can track visitors and get email going. Why is this important? Well, Sue does a nice job of explaining why:
Read The EduBlogger article by Sue Waters
Feedburner is a free web service which enhances bloggers and podcasters ability to manage their RSS feeds and track usage of their subscribers.
Most blogs already have RSS feed which is detected automatically by Feed Readers like Google Reader, Bloglines, NetVibes when the blog URL is added to the reader. The trouble is not all Feed Readers can automatically detect the RSS feed from the blog URL. Having a Feedburner feed means readers can click on the RSS icon and subscribe to your feed by selecting their Feed Reader

Unfortunately, there aren't that many replacements for Feedburner. When it came on the scene so many years ago, it was great. Google took it over, and well, "that's the way the cookie crumbles."

There's not a lot of replacements for Feedburner. C'est la vie. Maybe navel-gazing days are over.

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CreativeAgencySecrets said...

There are alternatives: I work for FeedBlitz and we could help you move your subscribers.

1) The counters are broken for everyone since about 9mp US eastern Sept 20th
2) Feeds are still currently being served
3) We don’t know whether this is temporary or not
4) The awareness API is being shut down Oct 20th.
5) If accurate stats are important, switch:
a. Why:
b. How:
c. Results:

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