Thursday, September 13, 2012

Converting AppleWorks Draw Documents

Earlier this week, a principal shared with me that they had AppleWorks Draw documents. One of the reasons they hadn't wanted to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion was because AppleWorks would stop working. Now that they had upgraded, they wanted an alternative way of viewing their document. While Pages apparently will import word processing files from AppleWorks, it won't handle the AWKs Draw file format. And, like that principal, I recall how much I loved Clarisworks and AppleWorks Draw.

If you're looking for a nice, easy drawing tool, then check out's Draw component. It reminds me of AppleWorks quite a bit. And, if not that, Inkscape does a nice job, too.

One possible solution to Appleworks Draw file format conversion? You can buy EazyDraw Retro, which will allow you to import your Appleworks Draw files. I attempted it with the demo and was successful within the limits of the demo version. I regret that Pages was unable to import the Draw component.

You can buy the program for $20 for 9 months of access and if you like it, you can pay the remainder of the cost ($95) for the full version online at:

That said, once you have the program ($20), you can use it to export the drawing as an SVG formatted file. Once in SVG, there are free programs (e.g. Inkscape shown below) you can use to modify the drawing and/or create new ones.

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