Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#iPad - It's THE Bomb!

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Earlier this evening, I had the chance to chat with a colleague about iPad implementations, etc. One of the questions that occurred to me as a result of that conversation went something like this....
What blog entries would you share with someone just getting started with an iPad initiative that was facing a bit of opposition in-house?

Upon reflecting on that question--and you have to remember I've moved slowly from iPad antipathy to embracing iPads over the last year--I realized that there were a few blog entries that just might be helpful.

So, in the spirit of being helpful, here is my round-up of iPad entries:

Anti-iPad Responses
  1. iPads vs Computer Lab
  2. iPads can lower printing costs
  3. iPad: It IS the Arrow
  4. Unicorns, iPads and Mystical Math
  5. Learning with the iPad Proposal
Management of iPads
  1. Responding to 20 ipad Implementation Questions
  2. Sharing #iPad Docs in the Private Cloud using WebDav and OwnCloud 
  3. Create Your Own #iPad #ePub Sharing Station with OwnCloud
  4. iPads Gone Wild
  5. Hooking Up Apple TV to Anything
  6. El Paso ISD's Implementation Notes
  7. Do It Yourself SyncCarts and Recommendations
Mobile Device Management
  1. Lamar CISD
  2. If You had to do it over again
  3. MDM and iPads: Wisdom from 4 Districts

Regular Uses
  1. Must-Have iPad Apps
  2. iPad Apps for School Board Members 
  3. Managing Mobile Presentation
  4. 7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an iPad Classroom
  5. Taking Notes on Your iPad - Handwriting Recognition
  6. 4 Simple Ways to Share iPad App Creations  
  7. 50 Reasons Your Students Don't Need to Print
  8. Sharing via Your iPad Browser 
  9. Content Curation on the iPad 
  10. Comparing iPad Office Suites
  11. iPad Peripherals: Carts, Cases, etc.
  12. Podcasting with your iPad
  13. Publishing Podcasts from Your iPad
Instructional Model
  1. UnLearn - Redefining Technology with Instruction 
  2. The Lost Art of Instructional Design
  3. SAMR and iPads 
  4. Miguel's Collection of Curated Content about iPads

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