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As I shared in my previous blog entry, 7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an iPad Classroom, I'm preparing for a 1-hour workshop I'm facilitating next week. Of course, I'm also developing short video tutorials on a variety of topics since there's no way to show all the trouble one can get into in such a short period of time.
Disclaimer: Now, I've been told by video-savvy colleagues that my rough-hewn videos are terrible. So, there you go. . .I can't set the bar any lower for these quick tutorials I've created with ExplainEverything (watch this YouTube video tutorial on EE) on the iPad.
Please be aware that these videos reference a WebDav server known as "ECCLOUD." The ECCLOUD WebDAV server--using the free, open source software running on an UbuntuLinux server--has been setup to facilitate document sharing, creating a local "Dropbox" style account for staff and students participating in the EC3 iPad Program. Still, I hope that sharing these videos will be helpful to others embarking on the journey.

Some of the apps mentioned include the following:
  1. WebDav Navigator ($0.00) - A no-cost app that allows you to open WebDav servers (e.g. ECCLOUD) and put/get files.
  2. Apple's Keynote ($9.99) - This is a presentation tool that has built-in support for WebDav and is my favorite presentation tool because of how easy it is to embed video in slides.
  3. Office2HD ($7.99) - An easy to use, versatile iPad-based Office suite that features word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tools that are compatible with MS Office formats (e.g. doc, xls, ppt). It's versatile because it opens both WebDav and GoogleDocs/Drive, as well as other cloud storage providers.
Video Tutorials
Here are a few, rough-hewn video tutorials that model how to get started opening/saving files to WebDav (e.g.ECCLOUD) from different programs.

On a Computer:

On an iPad:

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