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Look at us as administrators, we can't leave our technology alone and most of us aren't digital natives. Think about our students. (Source: Stephanie at 14:43 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web
What a great insight in that quote above, don't you think? It came from one of the participants at school district leadership meeting I had the opportunity to present at. My task was to share about the SAMR Model and Digital Citizenship. I'm grateful to my colleagues and supervisor for the support offered to improve the presentation. To be honest, I knew so little about SAMR model itself that I found learning about it, trying to apply it a worthwhile experience...once I put the LOTI Model behind me. The situation reminded me of this quote:
“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learnunlearn, and relearn”- Alvin Toffler
And, of course, this quote:

The curious thing is that with these exponential changes, so much of what we currently know is just getting to be wrong. So many of our assumptions are getting to be wrong. And so, as we move forward, not only is it going to be a question of learning but it is also going to be a question of unlearning. In fact, a lot of us who are struggling in large corporations know first hand that the hardest task is to get the corporate mind to start to unlearn some of the gospels that have made them successful in the past and that no longer will actually work in the future  
Source: Learning to unlearn -John Seelye Brown
Read the rest online at http://www.creatingthe21stcentury.org/JSB3-learning-to-unlearn.html


Earlier today, I had the opportunity to share my insights into Redefining Technology with Instruction (RTI). I'm grateful to the folks in the District that were kind enough to listen to my presentation on RTI and participate in the Digital Citizenship WebQuest (a future blog post).

  1. Presentation Links
    1. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
    2. Partnership for 21st Century Skills
    3. Miguel's curated links in his EverNote Notebook on SAMR
    4. Video Links
      1. Above and Beyond - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KMM387HNQk
      2. A Vision of Students Today - http://goo.gl/PLsl7
      3. Engage Me! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZokqjjIy77Y
      4. El Paso ISD - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeU5q1pOsY0
      5. Guerilla Season Blog - http://www.guerrillaseason.blogspot.com/
      6. For Further Reflection: 
        1. QR Codes in the Classroom -
        2. Schlechty School Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1NzX6mDOWU
        3. Hip-Hop Genius: Remixing High School - http://vimeo.com/22591307

The acronym "RTI" has come to mean something else in education, primarily, Response to Intervention. As wonderful a term this is, I thought it might be fun to flip the way we usually approach teaching, learning and technology in schools. Instead of focusing on "integrating technology into instruction"--which veteran technologists acknowledge has been a profound failure--the term "redefining technology with instruction" forces us to rethink how we use technology in terms of instruction. Perhaps, the difference is simply semantic, but oh so much fun to consider.

One of the neat aspects of the session was the backchannel conversation, which was facilitated via TodaysMeet web site. 

Some of the comments included the following (I've bolded my favorites):

Very nice story about how working together and tapping into each others strengths can lead to new ideas and greater opportunities for success. 
Technology expands your collaborative group. (Source: Denise at 14:11 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
Technology is the "yellow brick road" and student achievement is the "Emerald City" (Source: Mary Ray at 14:12 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
what if we used our curriculum as the context to practice and improve the 4c's...those being the skills that matter most (Source: Roland at 14:13 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
We underestimate what our students can do. (Source: Denise at 14:18 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
Lali and I think as people we are creative and innovative. Technology is the natural outlet for this most basic need. (Source: Debbie at 14:19 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
I would love to learn more...I'm hungry for technology. I can see how technology can transform all levels of our school community...(Source: iris at 14:22 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
To use technology comes with the fear of how to teach technology - but the irony is that majority kids already know the technology and those (Source: Go Baylor at 14:22 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
I love that technology dept. is finding ways to remove barriers that kept teachers from using tech. in classrooms. (Source: Denise at 14:22 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
I like the idea the project is not "finished" in the eyes of students---literally the sky is the limit---or is it? (Source: Patty R at 14:23 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
How do teachers of young kids balance the need to teach HOW to edit without technology with the need to use technology for publishing stages (Source: Arnold at 14:36 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
Good question. There needs to be a balance. Once suggestion is to teach the editing piece in the preplanning stages. Before they move into the publishing stage. (Source: Mary Ray at 14:40 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web) 
Thank you for breaking the process down into a simple step by step method that can be applied to almost any type of learning (Source: Jim at 14:41 PM, 08 Aug 2012 via web)
I'm grateful myself for the opportunity to speak to district leaders in various school districts this summer, especially, my own.

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