Hasta la vista, GoogleChrome!

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Some time ago, I shared that I was experiencing problems with GoogleChrome...problems that were not linked to just one operating system, but across all the ones I use (e.g. Linux, Mac, Windows). As a result, I stopped using Google Chrome browser--which I absolutely loved--and switched back to Firefox, especially when embedding images that I uploaded or added via URL.

Unfortunately, those problems have returned. Google Chrome browser continues to choke on my machines, and it's too much of a pain to deal with. Then, earlier this week, I encountered the same issue with editing a Google Sites wiki.

When I shared the problem with a colleague, she made a suggestion I hadn't wanted to consider...after all, Google Sites and Google Chrome should play nice with each other right? The suggestion was to use Firefox, a browser that was long ago dethroned by Google Chrome.

Sure enough, everything worked just fine on Firefox. As a result, I've setup Firefox Sync and will be using that across all the computers I work with. Too bad that Chrome updates have made it unusable for me. I suspect I'm not the only one complaining.

One of the neat features I didn't know about with Firefox...you can go to your favorite web site and, if it updates that page by changing the title, you will see it reflected in the tab. If you have several of these, right-click on the tab and choose "Pin as App Tab."
A handy trick with web sites like GoogleVoice, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Some interesting add-ons for Firefox:
  1. Omnibar - Combines location and search bars to give it a GoogleChrome look.
  2. Add to Edmodo Bookmarklet
  3. EverNote - Can't live without this one.
  4. URL Shorteners - The Shortly one works best for me.
  5. GreaseMonkey - This makes  a lot possible.
  6. Google+ +1 button -
  7. FEBE (the Firefox Environment Backup Extension) - backup all your Firefox stuff for sharing in diff browsers (in case Sync doesn't work)
  8. Tweetlight
What fun to rediscover Firefox...let's hope it doesn't crash under the load of all the add-ons, as it once did!

here's what my Firefox browser looks like....

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