Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Embedding an Image in Your QR Code

Print handout (a thumbnail) with QR codes featuring embedded images.

In anticipation of some presentations at work this week, I've been organizing materials for my sessions on Redefining Technology with Instruction and Digital Citizenship Webquest. One of the fun aspects--aside from having those conversations about critical subjects--involves creating QR codes that enable participants to access content quickly.
How can I put this TechHornet into a QR Code?
One of the questions going around in my mind was, How could I embed an image like the ECTECHHORNET (top of this blog entry) in the QR Code--shown below--itself?

If you're not familiar with QR Codes, you might want to watch this YouTube video on the subject.

To accomplish the goal of dropping an image into a QR code that looks like the finished product below, I merely followed these steps:
  1. Generate the QR Code with this web site, RacoIndustries QR Code Generator. You can also use Kaywa's QR Code generator. At first, I thought only the former would work but experimentation revealed that you could use both QR code generators equally well.

    On the RacoIndustries site, I made sure to set these parameters:
    • QR Code Version 6
    • Error Correction Level: H 30% of codewords can be restored
  2. I copied and pasted a small version of the image into the center of the QR Code using my favorite image management program (e.g. LibreOffice Draw); you can use any program to accomplish this, including PPT !
  3. The finished product appears below.
When I was done, I was able to do a quick screen capture of the QR are the two with the icon embedded...give them a try with your favorite QR reader (I'm liking I-nigma QR Code reader my work team introduced me to!):

For more technical information, I relied on 
this blog entry for insight; Thanks!

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