And? @timholt2007

Check out Tim Holt's (Holt Think) slidedeck...I thoroughly enjoyed it. How are you answering that question at work? At home?

Psstt...Tim, check slide 23 for "wiling" which should be "willing." And, where can we find the links that go with the videos?

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Tim Holt said…
Willing on 23 and Trafalgar on 25...thanks to everyone that pointed it out! See why I posted BEFORE I presented? (My only lame excuse is that the red line for misspelled words doesn't show up too well on the red backgrounds!!

Thanks for the good eyes!

Tim Holt said…
Links to multimedia:
Slide 3: AND?
10: Bow Drill Help 20: Stuck on Escalator:
24: Obvious to You, Amazing to Others
26: T Mobile Ad: Hey Jude
28: Help Us Help Japan Animoto presentationSlide 30: The Future is Ours:

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