50 Reasons Your Students Don't Need to Print #iPad

Adapted from some picture on the web
Note: Title of blog entry inspired by this conversation between Rusty Meyners and Kristy Vincent, not to mention a chat with Apple rep Jennifer Spille who said, "A superintendent I know added up how much their district was saving on paper costs by going 1 to 1 with iPads." Hmm...seen The Story of Stuff video (smile)?
The advent of new technologies sometimes eliminate other less effective, cumbersome technologies. In this case, iPad cuts paper out of the equation. Although you CAN print from an iPad, why would you want to? That's one of the workflows you have to change when considering tablets, or iPads.
According to a Citigroup-Environmental Defense study, the actual cost of printing is 13 to 31 times the purchase price of the paper used, or somewhere between $.06 and $.13 per page. At the low end of that range,  the average employee’s printing costs the company $600 per year and at the high end $1,300.  A substantial portion of this cost goes to pages employees never even intended to print.  A study conducted by Lexmark found that an
average of 17% of everything printed was considered waste – pages the user didn’t want...
Printer ink costs about $10,000 a gallon – nearly 2,500 times the current “exorbitant” cost of gasoline – and toner cartridges and drums are not far behind.  
Source: The Real Cost of Printing 
The question to ask oneself is, "How many educational, or creation apps, are there that enable you to share creations without having to rely on printing?" While there are a limited amount of ways to turn appcreations into your teacher--explore 7 Ways to Collect Work on an iPad--what apps are out there that take advantage of that?

Here's a quick list for fun:

  1. Adobe PhotoShop Express - modify pictures and then share many different ways.
  2. Algebra Solver - Lets you email work.
  3. AR Magic Mirror - create and share pictures created.
  4. Blogsy ($4.99) - create blog entries and upload photos/short videos to the web. I own this one and highly recommend it.
  5. Book Creator for ipad ($5.99)
  6. CamWow - Share pictures created with effects via email.
  7. Coach’s Eye ($4.99)  - Shares videos created via email, cloud Storage like Dropbox.
  8. Comic Life ($4.99)
  9. Comic Strip ($.99) 
  10. Create PDF ($9.99)
  11. DoodleBuddy - share via email 
  12. DoodleCast ($1.99) -
  13. Drawing Pad
  14. Evernote 
  15. Explain Everything
  16. Hello Crayons -  
  17. FaceGoo Lite - Modify pictures and share them via email. 
  18. GarageBand
  19. Goodreader ($4.99)
  20. Idea Sketch
  21. Instant Poetry
  22. iThoughts HD
  23. iWorks suite (e.g. Keynote, Pages, Numbers) - Email or save work via WebDav
  24. Kabaam Comic Creator ($.99)
  25. Let’s Create! Pottery HD
  26. LipMe HD 
  27. Fashion Fix HD
  28. FotoBabble
  29. Office2HD ($7.99) - Lets you open/save work on GoogleDocs, as well as cloud storage, as well as email.
  30. Morfo
  31. Music for Little Mozarts
  32. PicCollage - Create collages and share them via email
  33. PicStitch - Create photo collages and share them via email 
  34. PhotoPad  - 
  35. Popplet Lite
  36. PuppetPals -
  37. ReaddleDocs ($4.99)
  38. ReelDirector ($1.99) - 
  39. SockPuppets
  40. Sonicpics ($2.99)
  41. Songify -  
  42. Story Kit
  43. StoryPatch ($2.99)
  44. Storyrobe ($.99)
  45. Strip Designer ($2.99)
  46. ToonTastic -
  47. TypeDrawing for iPad ($2.99)
  48. WeCam - Create and share videos easily via Twitter, email, etc. 
  49. WowPaint
  50. Vernier Video Physics
So, there you go...50 reasons your students don't need to print. And yes, I hacked this list together from lots of iPad lists on the web, only one of which I bothered to cite because it was just plumb awesome.

What apps would you add that eliminate paper in your teaching, learning and leading environment?

 References for iPad apps
  1. I highly recommend going through this slide show...simply awesome!
  2. PCMag

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