Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#TxTIA12 - Quick Reflections on LoneStar TIA 2012

Yesterday (Monday), I drove up to Denton, Texas for the LoneStar Technology Integration Academy (TIA), a phenomenal conference with approximately 1050 people in attendance! After a short nap, I headed out for dinner with Robert Bostic, Assistant Superintendent for Denton ISD, who shared his vision and some great stories (one of which I used in my keynote the next day). Since Robert wanted me to get a "taste of the real Denton," we ended up at the infamous The Love Shack (artwork pictured above).

Robert is the creator and founder of the LoneStar Technology Integration Academy (LoneStarTIA), which spans 4 states and throws open the schoolhouse door in an all-inclusive gesture. The cost? $35.

Here's Robert at this authentic Denton restaurant (who the owner, the waitress assured us, had won an Iron Chef competition!). To be honest, I was a bit leery given the names of the burgers (e.g. The Dirty Love Burger with quail egg on top) being offered, but my burger wasn't bad! I'd like to offer my thanks to Robert Bostic, Shannon, Carolyn, Barry Fox, and Mr. Hicks, all of whom played a key role in ensuring my success at this stellar event!

One of Robert's stories included the 30 year rule, a story his father had passed down to him. As I interpreted the story, the 30 year rule basically asks you to reflect on the impact of an event or decision that you made that had the power to endure for 30 years. If it stands the test of time and you're able to remember what the decision was about and why it was so important, then the event or decision passes the 30 year rule test. If it does not, then that probably means it wasn't a decision you should have spent time/effort on.

The way I chose to interpret this for my keynote, Freedom to Succeed: Dwell in Possibility, involved asking oneself the question, Should we really be blocking or not implementing BYOD/iPads because of whatever the reasons and will those reasons matter 30 years from now?

I really like the 30-year rule because it helps put it all in perspective. Imagine if we'd applied that rule to YouTube.com...a few years ago, people were blocking it. The progressive districts were unblocking it, but the laggards decided to unblock it only AFTER others had shown it was successful. It reminds me of Church on Sunday...how we watch what others are doing to know what to do, when if we paid better attention, we would know. Or, should I say, *I* would know? (smile)

Although I enjoyed facilitating the keynote--the audience was HUGE--one of the personal points of excitement for me was doing 3 of my 4 sessions using my iPad. Yes, believe it or not, I presented my morning presos and one after lunch using the following:


In case you're wondering, that's an iPad and an iPodTouch (with Keynote Remote ($.99)) installed on it. Thanks to a tip from Dmantz7 and WFryer, I was in business with this!! My thanks go out to my 12 year old son, who was kind enough to lend me his iPod Touch! I wish there was a bluetooth equivalent that wouldn't require an iPod Touch, but haven't seen one yet, even after asking Lisa "TechChef4u" Johnson and Tim "I'm an Apple FanBoy" Holt! (smile)


Ah well, there's a lot more to share from just one day of TxTIA, but it will have to wait. Sleep beckons....


Anonymous said...

Great hearing your keynote today. You always say something I need to hear and pass along...today's gem: "It is not an option!"

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the keynote today. I never fail to hear something I need to hear and pass along. Today's gem: "It is not an option!"

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