Friday, July 13, 2012

Transparent Transformations

Or should that read, "transformative transparency?" I like the latter better. Transparency can be transformative because it allows us to see exactly what's changing, or that change is even occurring. Who among us hasn't been fascinated by the human embryo as it grows in the mother's womb? I know I was fascinated to see the stages of development, the growth of a human being while still in the womb.

Whether it was still pictures or a video, the insight into what was happening thrilled me. I was seeing something countless generations had been unable to see before technology.

Sylvia Martinez (Generation YES) asks the questions that bring this blog post on, causing me to reconsider this topic again.
What if the technology is so transformative that it can’t be ignored? What if the learning experience could not be achieved without the use of technology? Isn’t that the ultimate goal?
As I shared earlier, if teaching and learning in today's schools can occur WITHOUT technology, then why are we putting the technology in? Wouldn't it be better to use the money for something else, such as ensuring the 100% free/reduced lunch kids actually have food, school supplies, clothing, and that the homeless shelters strategically located across from public schools actually meet their needs?

The truth is, I'm disappointed at my own effort at shining a spotlight on that very areas where technology and learning are inseparable, impossible to achieve. My B+ intellect stumbles as I try to imagine exactly HOW learning in the 21st Century can advance without technology.

What specific examples can one find, shine a spotlight on, make transparent for the non-believers, so that they will know the truth that learning in virtual worlds can't be achieved WITHOUT technology?

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