Monday, July 2, 2012

Thinking in the Open

Here's an email that came in one day:
Hmmmm…where to start…do I want to have that heart-to-heart with myself in a public forum? I am seriously tempted. You know I could do it…but I do thank you for the valuable information provided in your blog today.
Source: Email sent to Miguel in response to a blog post
The answer is, most of us probably DO NOT want to have a heart to heart with ourselves in public. I'm not sure it's the wisest course of action, but it may be a necessary one. Again, I do perceive a difference between leaders who are "publically" perfect, but privately screwed up. In public, they seek to portray themselves as being in complete control, of always knowing what they're doing. In private, one to one conversations, they abuse their authority. 

Susan Scott writes the following:
If you know something must change, then know that it is YOU who must change it.
Wow, what a powerful statement and expectation. It's obvious, but it's also hard to do. As great as Susan Scott's advice is, it doesn't offer the practical tips needed. That's where books like Crucial Confrontations come in. I love the simplicity:

1) Describe the expectation.
2) Describe the Gap - what was observed, what actually happened.
3) Ask "What happened?"

Do you ever have these confrontations with yourself, examining the gap between what others expected and what you actually delivered? That is the bloggable conversation worth having.

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