Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RSS Feed Problems - Please Read Subscribers!

Howdy! First of all, thanks so much for reading Around the Corner blog. There are tons of blogs out there and I always ask myself, "How come they're interested in reading this blog, especially when there are so many awesome blogs out there?" That bit of blog self-doubt aside, I'm thrilled you are reading and allowing these ideas into your brain!

Second, please be aware that the Around the Corner blog has been experiencing RSS issues (e.g. Feedburner just stopped working with my RSS feed, Blogger started publishing only headlines, not full articles) lately. And, of course, these issues started about the same time I started a new job so I've had very little time between life, work, blogging (it seems funny to separate those two in a list, especially when they are so inextricably linked) to realize that my own RSS feed is causing problems.

Unfortunately, some of you have unsubscribed from Around the Corner. I thought it was because of my atrocious writing (not really), but now I realize it was probably my RSS feed.

To review, subscribe to the following RSS feed to ensure uninterrupted service:

My thanks to those of you who noticed and said something!

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