My Chrome Browser is Broken #not

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Alas, my Chrome Browser WAS broken! How did I know? Well, I noticed a few things over the last few days:
  1. I can't insert images when I'm doing a blog entry on Chrome. If I'm using Firefox (which is how I've been blogging with images lately) or Blogsy on my iPad, no problem inserting images. Chrome? No way! Images upload, appear, but then can't be added to the blog entry. 
  2. Google + appears to be "turned off" on Chrome. I automatically post Blogger entries to Google + (it's in the blog settings) but the pop-up window doesn't appear now. If I do the same thing on Firefox, it works normally.
Fortunately, deleting Chrome app on Macbook Air running OS X Lion (all updates installed) and downloading a fresh copy of Chrome from took care of the problems!

Back to using my favorite browser, but I'm grateful to Firefox for being around and awesome in the meantime!

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cliotech said…
Thanks for posting this. I had more or less abandoned Chrome when blogging as well. (I use Blogger, too.) I was also constantly having problems when inserting embed code; the widget would remain visible as an "overlay" when I was editing in HTML and I couldn't get to my code. But, I just followed your suggestion and all is well! Thanks!
@Jennifer, awesome! I didn't think it was worth posting this but then reconsidered in case someone else had encountered the problem. I'm glad to see that was the case, especially for the famous Jennifer Dorman!

With appreciation for your feedback and hoping you are well,
Miguel Guhlin

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