Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monetizing Chrome

Google has reportedly updated its advertising policies to include a condition that now allows developers to display advertisements to users from within Google Chrome extensions, marking a departure from the company's previous stance.
According to a report on The Next Web, Google has begun emailing developers advising them of the change to Google's ad policies and inviting them to start monetising their extensions for Google Chrome using Google's AdSense platform.  (Source)
As much as I enjoy using Google's products, it's worth asking the question that Marguerite Lowak asks via twitter in light of the announcement above:
Google policy change opens door to ads in Chrome extensions t.co/WLdbYCQI #google. Will edu have to stop using it?
Will education have to stop using Chrome if they start allowing ads in Chrome extensions? The answer may be based on answers to two further questions--how many extensions do you have installed in Chrome, and how many of those will have ads?

When I look at the extensions I have, they include the following:
  1. Evernote Web Clipper
  2. +OneFB: Plus One Button for Facebook
  3. Diigo: Bookmark, Archive, Highlight & Sticky-Note
  4. Do Not Track
  5. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)
  6. Extended Share for Google Plus
  7. goo.gl URL Shortener
  8. Google Voice (by Google)
  9. QR Bookshelf
  10. Rapportive
  11. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)
  12. Tweet Button for Chrome (by Shareaholic)
I doubt that schools running Chrome are using these extensions...but wouldn't the simple answer to MLowak's question be, "Don't install extensions with ads" or am I missing something?

We also have to consider a rash of problems with Chrome on Macs:
I have had the same problems (using a Macbook pro).  The whole site freezes up, and I can't close it (even on a force quit).  I am a huge fan of all things Google, but this product is getting chucked to the curb if they don't fix it.
I really like my Chrome browser. As a matter of fact I've done webinars on Chrome apps. But about 2 weeks ago it started really acting up. Now, every time I click on a link in Chrome and then go back to the original page, it crashes. I need to either restart Chrome or re-fresh the page then kill the page and them re-fresh it again to unfreeze the page.
This just started out of the blue! I didn't change anything (I"m on a Macbook Pro). It just started happening.
I know Google is aware of this and they've said they are looking into it, but I don't get why, all of a sudden, it started. No updates, nothing it just started happening! What's different now then from 10 days ago?

More comments have been shared and it's a known issue to Google. Could the problems be related? Is Google about to squander it's lead?

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