Thursday, July 26, 2012

Managing Mobile #iPad #BYOT #BYOD

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to share the following presentation with conference participants at the LoneStar Technology Integration Academy:

  1. Learning with the iPad (what it looks like in a school district)
  2. 5 Awesome Examples of How Students Can Use iBooks Author for Learning
  3. Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Criteria for Success
  4. BYOD/T Roundup of Resources (including Responsible Use Agreements and/or Policies)
  5. iPad Cornucopia - Podcast Wisdom from 4 Texas School Districts on Mobile Device Management
  6. Figuring It Out: BYOD Leadership
  7. Banishing the Winter of Digital Discontent - Addressing Common Concerns about iPads as Computer Lab Replacements
  8. Responding to 20 iPad Implementation Questions
  9. Connect your Apple TV to Anything
  10. Content Curation on the iPad
  11. iPad Internet Browser Comparison
  12. Do It YourSelf iPad Sync/Charge Cart
  13. Embracing Heresy - iPads vs Computer Labs
  14. Part 1 - iPad Deployment - Do Over.
  15. Part 2 - Carts, Cases, and Peripherals, Oh My!
  16. 3 Tips on Flipping Your Classroom with iPads
  17. 5 Tips to Protect Data on iPad and Android Devices

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