Hot Air Lifts Balloons...but not #iPads @digitalroadtrip

I had a laugh at this delightful selection from Julian Coultas' Digital Roadtrip (the links in the quotes are ones I added to the "hot air"):
There is an awful lot of hot air blown about accessing student work from “class sets” of iPads, via email, WebDAV, Dropbox etc etc. A little known and cool method is this…  We all know that we can share via iTunes over USB to any Mac/PC with a recent version of iTunes... the same thing works without a cable and it doesn’t have to be the Mac/PC that manages the devices. It means that any teacher can access all the students files on a device that has been “Saved to iTunes”. 
In it, Julian asserts that with the change of a few settings, you can sync your iPad via WiFi to a central computer. The best part of the blog entry is that he's right! A colleague implemented the solution and verified that it works.

Julian describes it in this way:
  1.  Attach each device once to the teacher’s computer and checking the “sync over wifi” option and “enable
  2. Unplug each device without synching.
  3. "Provided you are on the same network, you can then open and close files on the class set from your computer."
Some questions come to mind, however:
  1. Does the computer and the iPads enable to sync over WiFi have to be on the same subnet?
  2. In a high school environment using carts, would it be better to get files off the iPads in this way or to teach kids how to use WebDav or connect to GoogleDocs using apps like iFiles or Office2HD?
Those questions aside, thanks to Julian for sharing this tip!

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