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What have you missed out on lately? I miss a lot every day. It's maddening, this Twitter Tinnitus! No matter how engaged I am at the pool, at home, at work, a part of me knows there is a phenomenal conversation happening...and, I'm missing out on it. You've probably seen the Twitter hashtags floating by...and you wonder, how in the heck can you keep up? I don't care how many curation tools you have, you are standing there with buckets full of holes. Wait...take a deep breath, remember Scripture (1 Cor. 13:2).

Although several examples come to mind, I have to point to the one that just slapped me in the face. Follow me on this....

...it started with a tweet after dinner via Hootsuite.com interface which I've taken to using these days.

I ended up here at Edutopia:

After reading George's article, clicked on this link that opened another tab on my browser:
A great blog to start at is the Connected Principals site, where a ton of school- and division-based administrators share some of their best work within their schools. Although this site does have some great ideas, there are many other administrator blogs out there which may be of interest to you. Edudemic does an excellent piece on 20 Educator Administrator Blogs, which will lead you to some great writing of administrators that continuously share those ideas.
 and continued skimming the comments, especially how Craig Nansen introduces admins to Twitter:
 I use a different approach to get teachers and administrators using Twitter. I have them explore Twitter before they get an account, searching for hashtags that I provide them. More info here -http://tinyurl.com/7shqn6mCraig Nansen - @cnansen
Then, after finishing George's article and reading the comments, flipped over to the Edudemic piece on 20 Educator Administrator Blogs
But they’re not alone. There are dozens of terrific blogs run by education administrators that you should start following right now. 
I don't remember reading this article, and since I'm an administrator myself (Director of Technology Operations), I decided to check out the list...since Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson and Dr. Scott McLeod's Dangerously Irrelevant are my gold standard for for administrator blogs, I was shocked to see Around the Corner (uh, wait a sec, that's MY blog) appearing as the 4th bullet. 

Obviously, this list needs to be alphabetized, don't you agree?

What are you missing out on?
Source: http://theconversation.edu.au/digital-dawn-open-online-learning-is-just-beginning-7758 

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Scott McLeod said…
Glad you made the list. Well deserved! :0

I love the phrase "Twitter tinnitus." Clever!
Mr Biornstad said…
Yes, how do you keep up? The twitter-flow is fast and furious. I'm just starting to use twitter as part of my professional development. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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