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These past few months, I've had entirely no fun switching between my "see far" pair of glasses and my "reading" glasses. In fact, it's been a pain, especially in multiple meetings I participate in. When the eye-doctor asked me, "Would you like Progressives?" I immediately said, "No." I answered out of ignorance and preconceived notions.

Examining that decision a few months later, I asked myself, "Why?" Why was I so quick to say no? Here's my list of my preconceived notions...why I decided to stick with two pairs of glasses--one for reading, the other for far away:
  1. I'd been working with two pairs of glasses for the previous two years and 2-pairs just worked for me. When I was doing close-up work, I'd wear the reading glasses. If I was driving, I'd wear the far-away glasses.
  2. I was comfortable with the way things were working.
  3. I didn't think the progressive lenses would work all that well with 3 different types of viewing available in each lens--far away, medium range, and close-up.
  4. I thought my prescription change wouldn't be that big of a other words, my eyes hadn't changed all that much.
  5. I didn't ask the eye-doctor to explain the benefits of progressives over what I was doing, but I admit that his question, "Are you sure?" continued to nag me. I simply didn't know better.
As I reflect on this list of worthless reasons for NOT getting progressive lenses--which I'm wearing now and delighting in, having finally given into the nagging--I can't help but make connections between my failure to embrace a new technology because I was comfortable with the old, not realizing that the requirements had switched so subtly over time.

Subtle changes over time necessitate new technologies. What other changes have crept up on me that require new technologies? Hmm....

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