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Earlier today, a colleague asked, How can I embed RSS feeds--including a Twitter feed--on a Google Sites web page?

The question made me ponder various solutions, including taking advantage of Google Reader Bundles, trying out various gadgets, considering how to embed an RSS feed in HTML web page and then wrap an iFrame (whatever that is) and put that code into the Google Sites' HTML box.

Of course, none of those worked exactly the way I imagined it would. In the end, I searched my email archives, hoping that someone among the Google Certified Teachers (GCT) list had solved the problem. Of course, at least one had this suggestion:
From: John C <jcalvert4@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: RSS feed gadget...

To: Google Certified Teachers

Hi Mark,
I have had success with the "RSS Reader" found athttp://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/107213515403750797288/joefeeds.xml
You can have up to 7 tabs, 15 entries, and choose the detail length.It works well.
Good luck!
Best,John C.NYC '08
Still, the solution didn't quite look the way I needed it to. The XML file referenced--essentially, the code for the Google Gadget that I inserted by going to Insert Gadget, then Add by URL--right-aligned the content...I wanted it left aligned.

So, I downloaded the original XML file, modified it to reflect the left alignment as shown below:
The key difference is text-align:left;

Then, I uploaded the modified XML file to a web server, and re-directed the URL in the Gadget to point to my version rather than the one John Calvert refers to in his email. Surprisingly, it worked!
Shout Out: I'm VERY grateful to the original authors of the gadget and thank them for coming up with a working RSS Feed Google Gadget!

Some other miscellaneous, albeit relevant points:
 How would you have done this differently or better?

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