Educlipper and Evernote

In her article on Educlipper and how wonderful a tool it is for Education, Audrey Watters points out this feature as the key difference between EduClipper and other tools like Evernote:

EduClipper lets you build clipboards into which you can post links, images, videos and documents and upload files to share with others. These clipboards can be private or public – that’s a key dfferentiator between eduClipper and its competitors– clipped for one’s self and/or shared to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Evernote, and Edmodo or via email.

As you may already know, this isn't a key differentiator. Tools like EverNote allow you to clip content and share it through various social media settings via RSS feeds generated per notebook. I point this out in my follow-up comment and link to my how-to on how to share from EverNote.

Of course, a part of me is wondering...maybe she meant something else?



eduTecher said…
Hi Miguel,

Evernote and eduClipper are two very different animals - and ultimately they serve different purposes.

I completely understand that Evernote allows you to save and share content. And it is a great tool, one that I had used for a while. However, eduClipper is going to be specifically targeting teachers and students with the curation piece as it is currently is only a part of the puzzle.

There are lots of great features in the works that will bring the tool and functionality far beyond what it is today as well as differentiate it further from any other tool or platform out there. We are focusing on K-12 teachers and students. With a unique set of features coming that allows the two to be tied together and also allows the students to create and customize their content into digital portfolios that can both travel with them from year to year and also be detached from the site for use as a sample of academic work.

That is just a little hint of what is to come. I certainly am not looking to recreate any other platform or service - Evernote is great. But I am going for a more complete solution which will go beyond storing and sharing selective links with options to have the teachers and the students create personalized learning hubs.

I appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing a great resource on how to use Evernote in the classroom. When we are up and running with more of the functionality that is planned, I would love to see what you think of the tool as well as get your feedback on how to make it even better.

tellio said…
Big drawback--bookmarklet only works to clip images. Way too much 'friction' to saving in educlipper because you have to have the site open in order to clip. That is a dealbreaker for me even if it intended for teachers and students. Useable but crippled.

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