Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dwell in Possibility #txtia12

The following was my keynote slidedeck for the LoneStar TIA 2012 Conference held earlier this week:

Relevant Links
  1. "I dwell in possibilities" - Emily Dickinson and analysis
  2. InfoGraphic: Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?
  3. 5 Ways Twitter Has Changed Education
  4. Humans are Social Animals
  5. InfoGraphics: 
    1. Leveraging Technology for K-12 Education
    2. Students Like Social Media
  6. Relationships Matter: Miguel's Take-Aways from David Truss
  7. The Burning Bush - Flammable Education Policy
  8. This is not about YouTube - United Breaks Guitars
  9. What the Future Holds (Bill Rust, Gartner Group)
  10. Straight from the DOE - Children's Internet Protection Act
  11. Content Curation
    1. Content Curation - Beth Kanter
    2. Top 5 Content Curation Tools (Miguel Guhlin)
    3. Share Evernote Notebooks to Twitter, Facebook, etc. via RSS
    4. Content Curation on the iPad
    5. When Educators Become Curators - Catspyjamas
  12. Content Consumption
    1. Flipboard Intro Video by Wes Fryer (
  13. New Research on Rigorous PBL

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