DIY #iPad Sync/Charging "Cart"

Perusing iPad-related blog entries, I stumbled upon this one by a school district in Texas who highlights a problem I first mentioned some time ago in Rechargeable Magic - iPads Gone Wild!:

Get document (you'll need LibreOffice, available for free)
Choice #1 seems a bit expensive, but the solution mentioned below would eliminate some of the cost....

Here's how someone (ECTechHornet Blog) wrote about it:
During Technology Department team meetings, staff noticed that there was a need for a way to manage both iPads and iPod Touch devices. 
The problem? If you don't have some type of multi-sync and recharging solution--which allows you to load apps (or programs and documents) onto the device while charging the battery--you have to do each device ONE BY ONE. Now, one by one may seem like OK when you're dealing with a personal device, but if you have a class set of devices, you are going to spend quite a bit of time plugging in and unplugging devices to load apps AND recharge their batteries.
Once you get up to 10-12 devices, whether they are iPads or iPod Touch devices, you're wasting a considerable amount of time providing support. When you get up to more than 12 devices, you'll need to invest in a $2500 cart--similar to the one below--that enables the work.
This particular district's solution was to do the following, although it should be noted this is a prototype:
The rear view of the solution--all of which is made of wood--appears below and features a place to store the external USB hard drive:

Total capacity for this DIY iPad Sync/Charging Unit is 12 iPads, one Macbook Pro, 1 external USB drive and assorted USB hubs that can charge iPads. 

Pretty nifty!

Full disclosure: I wrote the blog entry I reference above. ;-)

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