Digital Citizenship Webquest Role - The School Administrator

One of the other roles in the Digital Citizenship WebQuest I'm putting together is that of The School Administrator. Here's the scenario:
 The School Administrator: In your mind, the best use of technology is the one that results in the least amount of litigation. Yesterday, a parent happened to comment at a morning coffee how wonderful it was that one of the teachers was using a Facebook Page to manage communications about homework and classwork, sharing videos featuring students and what they are learning. Then he asked, What do you think about it? While you're thrilled parents are happy, you weren't so sure, worrying it wouldn't be long before you are embroiled in scandal. You just want to stop the Internet and can't wait for this fad to be over. You decide to analyze the District's Responsible Use Agreement to see how the district may have missed the mark, and ask yourself, How will I share this with students, teachers and parents? Begin.
The concept builder for the School Administrator works out as follows:

WebQuest Concept Builder - The School Administrator

We Need Your Help

Congratulations on taking a pro-active approach to getting the conversation started with students, teachers and community at your campus! New technologies are completing changing how our children, parents, teachers interact with each other. School districts across Texas, the Nation, and the World, are revising their Acceptable Use Policies, re-naming them Responsible Use Agreements, and being more permissive.  Unfortunately, we've heard reports that your work is raising eyebrows with parents and school administrators. You need to get a mental picture on how other educators are approaching this issue in their school setting so you can prepare a presentation to share with various constituent groups.

You'll be guided to look closely at three main issues and to find examples (facts, statistics, quotations, or any other inputs) that you think provide important insights on the issues. After you've collected three examples for each issue, your job will be to put the information together into one statement that shares your understanding as a "Truth" about that particular key issue related to digital citizenship and responsible use. Finally, you will combine what you've learned into an action plan.

Exploring Examples to Discover the Truth - Individual Activity

Issue #1 - What is our role as campus leaders within the context of Digital Citizenship?
Visit each web site, then copy-n-paste or write a 1 sentence take-away--an "infobit" on your Concept Builder Notes page.

Issue #2 - What are other administrators doing on their campuses in regards to Digital Citizenship?
Visit each web site, then copy-n-paste or write a 1 sentence take-away--an "infobit" on your Concept Builder Notes page.

Issue #3 - How are other school districts handling social media usage?
Visit each web site, then copy-n-paste or write a 1 sentence take-away--an "infobit."

Focusing your Argument: An Action Plan - Small Group Activity
By looking at the Digital Citizenship and the District's Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) situation from the perspective of a campus administrator/leader, you have become an expert on the issues. Your team (and the World Wide Web community) need your expert advice. In your opinion, what would be the most effective plan of action to communicate and engage your campus community about the District's new Responsible Use Agreement? In other words, what do we need to do to "make it happen?" Use the truths you have learned to make sure we tap into goldmines that could help everyone and avoid landmines that could threaten us all.
Your Action Plan should be a clear statement about what should be done to encourage others to get this done. It does not have to be long, but it should be thoughtful.
After you've developed a draft statement from your perspective, work with your team to prepare a clearly worded Action Plan statement to share with the whole group.

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