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Goodbye #Moodle Mayhem!

Over the last few years, I've tried to consolidate all my resources for Moodle in one (domain expired). Unfortunately, I haven't made time to keep those resources up to date and they've ended up getting a bit stale and old.

As a result, I've decided to stop paying for the domain name. Note that you can still get to the web site by going to

Do I still think Moodle is the best tool for the job? The answer depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

These days, I'd rather encourage classroom teachers and campus/district admins to consider something like Edmodo for creating online virtual spaces where teachers and students can interact. Simply, it appears easier and many folks are adopting it as a solution that your school district doesn't have to maintain for lots of users. The feature set isn't as rich as Moodle, of course.

I still recommend Moodle as a tool for use for in-house profes…

Review - Scourge of the Betrayer @jeffsalyards

"A writer without curiosity is like a bird without feathers" has to be one of my most favorite lines ever, and it appears in Jeff Salyard's debut novel, The Scourge of the Betrayer, a sword-n-sorcery tale featuring as protagonist, a boy scribe. The young writer journeys with soldiers on a mission, his job is simple -- chronicle the journey, a trek that poses questions at every turn, leaving the reader hungry for more at the last page...check it out on Amazon.

When I picked this hardback off the shelf at the library--my niece was checking out the big books in the children's area under supervision--my hope was that it would entertain for a short time, not commit a compelling cast of characters to memory and leave me anxious for a sequel.

Here's the source of Jeff's inspiration:

I’ve always been fascinated by embedded journalists. Chronicling a military campaign right in the middle of the action rather than second- or third-hand, at a safe remove. It’s hard to…

Dwell in Possibility #txtia12


JobPosting - Instructional Tech Coordinator - Closes 7/26/2012

Dallas ISD has posted: Instructional Technology Coordinator position (posting closes 7/26/2012) You can access the information online at A copy of the information is listed below:  QUALIFICATIONS
Bachelor's Degree (Master's Degree in Educational Technology preferred) from an accredited university; valid Texas teaching certification Technology Applications certification preferred
Seven years of directly related experience
Exemplary strategic and operational planning skills
Ability to meet the communication diversity of the community, district staff members and the public
Ability to provide leadership
Knowledgeable of district initiatives and current trends in research, planning and teaching strategies
Expertise in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluating of projects and programs

Assist principal(s) and campus committees with planning of technology training, implementation of technology plans, a…

Job Posting - District Technical Specialist

Find out more online about the District Technical Specialist position in Friendswood ISD Major Responsibilities and Duties: 
1. Install, maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot, and repair laptops, desktops, servers, peripherals, and application software. 

2. Install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair wired and wireless network components. 

3. Manage Directory Objectives 

4. Manage call reporting by interaction with help-desk management application. 

5. Facilitate relocation of one to several systems within the district. 

6. Support staff with setup of peripherals, including educational technology devices (Interactive 
Whiteboards, projectors, etc.) 7. Assist with technology related purchases

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Managing Mobile #iPad #BYOT #BYOD


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Get Progressive

These past few months, I've had entirely no fun switching between my "see far" pair of glasses and my "reading" glasses. In fact, it's been a pain, especially in multiple meetings I participate in. When the eye-doctor asked me, "Would you like Progressives?" I immediately said, "No." I answered out of ignorance and preconceived notions.

Examining that decision a few months later, I asked myself, "Why?" Why was I so quick to say no? Here's my list of my preconceived notions...why I decided to stick with two pairs of glasses--one for reading, the other for far away:
I'd been working with two pairs of glasses for the previous two years and 2-pairs just worked for me. When I was doing close-up work, I'd wear the reading glasses. If I was driving, I'd wear the far-away glasses.I was comfortable with the way things were working.I didn't think the progressive lenses would work all that well with 3 different types o…

Stuck Behind a Turtle - Breathe Life into Winter

Are you "stuck behind a turtle?" It's a quaint phrase that observes that innovative minds may often get bogged down, stuck behind a slow moving organization. When I reflect on much of the frustration in my professional career, I realize that it involves organizations that are slow to change, moving like turtles when they need to be a bit more nimble and quick. Another reason is some times I'm not as innovative as I need to be!

Of course, this comparison brings to mind the Aesop's fable of the tortoise and the hare. But these are sufficiently different ideas. While I love turtle stories, including the turtle creation myth and the Aesop's fable, I find the concept of being stuck behind a turtle to be an apt analogy for technology educators stuck in slow-changing K-16 schools.

"Everyone knew you were always 'stuck behind a turtle,'" shared a colleague earlier this week when I remarked I'd embraced a new job. When I reflect on this, another…

JobPosting - Eduphoria Support Person in Conroe ISD

Conroe is hiring an additional Eduphoria support person to do end-user support and training.  See the job posting online at:

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JobPosting - Coordinator of Instructional Technology

Irving ISD immediate opening - Coordinator of Instructional Technology:
Click here for more info and online application.

REPORTS TO:  Program Director,             PAY GRADE:  Salary Schedule E
                            Instructional Technology                             (230 Days)

DEPARTMENT:  Teaching & Learning   WAGE/HOUR STATUS:  Exempt

PRIMARY PURPOSE:  Coordinate instructional technology-related products and processes for campuses in the district. Support, train, and provide staff development for the campus Instructional Technology Specialists. Provide support for and facilitate instructional technology initiatives at the administrative level.


Minimum Education/Certification: 
Master’s degreeValid Texas Teacher CertificateSpecial Knowledge/Skills
Proficiency in Technology Applications standardsOnline and Blended learningData ManagementFluency in curriculum and online assessment systemsKnowledge of integration of technology into curriculum, including LoTi f…