Think the Same, er, Different Contributions

Rusty Meyners, Eustace ISD, Texas, USA

In one of my previous posts this week, I exhorted folks who thought about the one to one question with iPads and netbooks to "think different"--instead of going for the new and exciting technologies, to first take the approach:

1) Ask yourself--with a group of stakeholders--what it is you want to accomplish instructionally.

2) Research which device would help you achieve that, would work well with existing resources, and 

3) Be affordable for a one to one program in your school.

4) Develop a multi-year plan for bringing these devices into your school system and blending them into the curriculum, revamping curriculum.

Rusty Meyners was kind enough to send me the screenshot at the top of this blog post. Thanks, Rusty! 

Anyone else up to the challenge?

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