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My number one desired feature in any mobile device app, especially a browser, is a YES to this question--Can I share and/or curate content easily via various social media tools?

If you've used Safari on the iPad, you may have been left feeling a bit underwhelmed. Take a look at the sharing options on Safari:

Hmm...tweet and mail link are the only two options. Kinda unsatisfying, huh? Although one can certainly post to content curation and social media sites via email, who wants to remember them to type them in?

In order of preference, Zite and Flipboard provide more options for sharing. Still, Apple had to hard-code its Safari browser as THE browser for iPad because, to be frank, no one would use it otherwise:

...there is no way to change iOS’s default browser. While you can use any browser you want for your basic browsing needs, you can’t set it as the default browser. That means that home screen bookmarks as well as links in emails, SMS messages, and in other apps will only open in Safari...Most iOS users default to Safari because doing otherwise is too difficult. (Source)
After all, if you're into content curation, sharing content that you stumble across on the iPad may leave you a bit disappointed. No need to bash Safari but consider the options a browser like iCab Mobile browser on  makes available:

Not bad, huh? This pretty much makes iCab Mobile the browser of choice for folks who like to "Share" out to their networks. At least, that's what I thought when I started this blog entry. Read on to find better solutions!

If you're looking for a browser that will empower your sharing--including to content curation sites like Pinterest, Evernote--you'll want to take a long hard-look at Apollo Browser+Add Ons. After doing the comparison, it dethrones iCab Mobile Browser on my iPad as the best sharing tool...and Apollo is no-cost. For Diigo fanatics, you'll probably be satisfied with Diigo Browser (although Diigo prob wants you to buy Readict) which has some nice features.

You'll still need a Flash friendly browser for some web sites--even though Adobe is "ditching Flash" by August 15--and my pick is Puffin browser, although it may be a dead product (or not).

Apollo browser

Top 3 iPad Browsers Available for Free:
  1. Apollo Browser+Addons (without Flash) - Great options for sharing including Evernote, Pinterest, Instapaper, G+, Twitter, Facebook.
  2. Diigo Browser  (without Flash) - offers Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Diigo support in addition to others.
  3. Rover Browser with Flash support
Top 2 iPad Browsers that Cost Money:
What would I get? If you're a heavy Diigo/Tumblr user, go with Diigo Browser and Puffin. If you're an Evernote, Pinterest, Facebook,Twitter user, then go with Apollo Browser+Addons and Puffin

Diigo Browser is a hair's edge from taking top spot as THE free Internet just needs to flesh out the MORE... option on its browser to include content curation tools.

Not a heavy Flash user on iPad? Substitute Puffin with Rover if you would rather not pay for Flash capability.

Comparison Chart - Sharing via Your iPad Browser

SafariChromeiCab Mobile BrowserDiigo BrowserApollo Browser+Add onsDolphin HDSkyfirePuffinRover
Best Features vs PriceNoNoBest for cost browser w/o Flash2nd best freeBest free browser w/o FlashNoNoBest cost with Flash Support2nd best free with Flash
Mail the LinkYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Flash (FLV) PlaybackNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYesYes
Convert to ePubNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Convert to PDFNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo

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