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A few days ago, amidst the hustle and bustle of work, I saw the following email from Kim Cofino:
I've been working with my amazing Head of School on why having a blog and a PLN is so powerful. This week he decided to give blogging a try (again), and asked (challenged) me to share his post with my PLN to see what kind of feedback he would get on a question he's been wrestling with for a while (about leadership in international schools).
I know it's a crazy time of year, but if you have a moment, could you please leave him a comment here: Your Help
I know he just needs one last little nudge to get him really into it!
Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone else who might be interested.
Thank you so much!
Since I seldom correspond with Kim, I simply groaned at the task she set. For me, it seemed the equivalent of cleaning out the Aegean Stables. I'm not sure why I had that reaction. In retrospect, it seems quite foolish, even selfish, to complain about the opportunity to provide guidance to another on blogging.

Perhaps, I've grown weary of the injunctions from colleagues and consultants to blog, to tweet, perchance to pinterest. I know, after years of blogging daily or weekly, that the compulsion to carve out my time in "the Zone" one character at a time flows from something deeper than a desire to improve the  world. What's deeper than the desire to improve the world? A desire to find my voice, to better understand the chaos that shelters my feelings of inadequacy, not to banish it, but to make peace.

Here's my response, much simpler than that of other commenters. I have no doubt that it may be found lacking, unworthy of the task Kim shared with many, a flex of her social networking muscles to send a message. Still, as I've learned, it is my penny contribution to the fountain of fallacy...yes, and in relinquishing it with a flip of the fingers, perhaps what I gain is more than what I paid.

My response:
The role of all people in highly connected world is simple--share what you are learning as you learn it. Rather than rail against the slings and arrows, rather than fear being made obsolete, delight in your learning, the sharing, and the connections you make with others. 
Let me say it again--delight in the learning conversations and blogging will ever be a balm to the disappointment you encounter, and provide succor to those you never imagined you would impact. 
All because you simply had the courage to be vulnerable, to bear witness to the frailty of being less than omnipotent.

Oh...I also recommend reading Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations. 

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