#Google Feedburner RSS Feed Goes Wacky

For those of you who are regular readers--via Twitter, G+, Facebook--you may want to update your RSS feed subscription for Around the Corner. A week or so ago--in the midst of my new job and getting ready to graduate (my daughter, not me but it feels like me given all the excitement at home)--some one was kind enough to ask, "Miguel, are you still blogging?" (slight mod of the remark).

Of course, I was shocked to discover my Feedburner RSS feed had STOPPED working...after all these years. Unbelievable. 

So, after 15 minutes of trouble-shooting, I decided to dump it. What this means, though, is that anyone who's subscribed to my old RSS feed via Feedburner isn't getting any new content. If you'd like to get new content delivered, consider subscribing to the following RSS feeds:

Blog entries:

Firehose of Content (includes EverNote, Twitter, Google+, etc):

Actually, I don't really care to track how many readers I have via RSS or email anymore. I long ago (years?) gave up looking at Feedburner, and now I rely strictly on Feedjit, Statcounter, and retweets/+1s and Likes to give me the same "buzz" I once received from Feedburner and Technorati.

A part of me wants to feel guilty, but that's sentimental hogwash when it comes to a web 2.0 service, no?

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