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Notice the Mem usage in the upper left-hand quadrant. That's Peppermint OS (Two) with only
a screenshot tool running. Great!

Having spent so much time on the iPad these past few months, I have to confess that I'm relieved when I login into my Linux. There's a stark simplicity that appeals to me, and that appeal explains why a GNU/Linux OS is my preferred one.

Over the years, after having experimented with a legion of Linux distros, I keep coming back to my two favorites--Peppermint OS and Lubuntu Linux. Both are light-weight distros and easy to setup and manage. Although I'm currently running Peppermint OS, the distro that introduced me to LXDE interface that powers Lubuntu Linux (although that's changing, isn't it?)

When a colleague's computer was infested with spyware/malware, I helped him reload his Windows, and then loaded Lubuntu Linux on the machine (believe it or not, I would have loaded Peppermint OS but I didn't have my regular set of USB flash drives with me that included Peppermint OS and had to go with Lubuntu). Of course, I followed these instructions to get it all working...and they pretty much work on Peppermint OS as well.

I sent him this message:
You are running Lubuntu Linux on your "new" Windows laptop, so I thought you might like a quick overview:

Software Tutorials: 
THE GIMP - compare to Photoshop: 
Inkscape Tutorial - compare to Adobe Illustrator 
Shutter Image Capture Tutorial 
LibreOffice Tutorial (compare to MS prob won't need it, but here's one anyways)
He wrote back:
Ubuntu gets easier all the time and I really really like it!
That kind of enthusiasm is great to see in a new Linux user, isn't it? I suppose having your Windows get infected with malware will do that for you!

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