300% More WiFi for #iPads

Source: http://goo.gl/M18g4
300% more what for iPads? Well, consider the following points from this Gartner Report:
  • Although larger touchscreens and improved user interfaces appeal to many users, the limited transmit power and throughput of these devices mean that enterprises need to deploy 300% more access points to get the same wireless performance characteristics as industry laptops. This research looks at the proper planning that enterprises must perform before allowing any device to access the network infrastructure.
  • The technical measurements of the iPad radio show that while the iPad may connect, performance will fall off much more quickly than laptops as the user moves away from the access point, and, depending on the WLAN design parameters, may find itself in a coverage hole at the edge of the coverage area where other devices are able to operate. 
  • The question enterprises must answer is whether the usage scenarios are acceptable where the iPad does not operate as well as a laptop, which could affect the productivity or throughput expectations of the end user.
You can read the full report via the Gartner Group

The Gartner paper really is about access points, not data; not about large files; nor is it about available bandwidth. More access points make sense for better antenna coverage, but this is not specifically about iPad – instead, it’s about ALL mobile devices that need network connectivity and there are many more mobile devices circulating around us – not just iPads...But all these clowns writing about it are suggesting, and in some cases blaming, iPad for a massive, end-of-the-world wifi crisis. My hunch is that if you really broke it down and did a Freakonomics-like analysis, you’d find that iPad (perhaps smart phones and all tablets for that matter) cause users to be more careful about moving large documents and content over the networks.
What do you think? Do you really need 300% more wireless access points or is the Gartner Report, as pointed out in the blog entry above, "horse-pucky?"

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Anonymous said…
It's about access. Most users have no idea the size of the data they are moving. They only know they want to watch their video, listen to their audio and access their social media networks without delays or interruptions on whatever device they choose to use.

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