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Yearning to Be Free

Maybe it's too much to hope for, but I'd bet most of us who buy digital books--whether from Amazon or Barnes & Noble--would prefer for them to be DRM-free. Bob Sprankle shares his experiences in a recent blog entry, My Book Broke:As I was reading it, the entire Kindle froze. When I rebooted, the book’s format was toast: there was absolutely no right margin and words were actually missing from the end of sentences (if the font was increased). Now this margin thing might sound trite, but try reading text on a small device without margin space on either side of it. Trust me: it’s very hard to do. I should also say, that no other book on my device was affected. Having done a simple search within Amazon’s Kindle forum, I found that I am not the only one who has experienced this problem… there are many others who also have, and again, only with one book, not an entire library. Until the technology is improved, we should have the option to let our books be available without DRM.…

Back to Peppermint OS #Linux #Lubuntu

Having spent so much time on the iPad these past few months, I have to confess that I'm relieved when I login into my Linux. There's a stark simplicity that appeals to me, and that appeal explains why a GNU/Linux OS is my preferred one.
Over the years, after having experimented with a legion of Linux distros, I keep coming back to my two favorites--Peppermint OS and Lubuntu Linux. Both are light-weight distros and easy to setup and manage. Although I'm currently running Peppermint OS, the distro that introduced me to LXDE interface that powers Lubuntu Linux (although that's changing, isn't it?)
When a colleague's computer was infested with spyware/malware, I helped him reload his Windows, and then loaded Lubuntu Linux on the machine (believe it or not, I would have loaded Peppermint OS but I didn't have my regular set of USB flash drives with me that included Peppermint OS and had to go with Lubuntu). Of course, I followed these instructions to get it all wor…

Sharing via Your #iPad Browser Made Easy - Comparison Chart

My number one desired feature in any mobile device app, especially a browser, is a YES to this question--Can I share and/or curate content easily via various social media tools?

If you've used Safari on the iPad, you may have been left feeling a bit underwhelmed. Take a look at the sharing options on Safari:
Hmm...tweet and mail link are the only two options. Kinda unsatisfying, huh? Although one can certainly post to content curation and social media sites via email, who wants to remember them to type them in?
In order of preference, Zite and Flipboard provide more options for sharing. Still, Apple had to hard-code its Safari browser as THE browser for iPad because, to be frank, no one would use it otherwise:
...there is no way to change iOS’s default browser. While you can use any browser you want for your basic browsing needs, you can’t set it as the default browser. That means that home screen bookmarks as well as links in emails, SMS messages, and in other apps will only ope…

Rejuvenating the Mind - On Blogging and #iPads

When I think back to how long it's been since I wrote a reflective blog entry, I'm shocked. So what if I wrote two earlier this week, I once cranked out reflection pieces in packs of 5-10. It's not that I don't want to write them, but rather, that I'm finding myself mentally weary at day's end. The feeling has been growing over the last year or two, and signals the need to catch up on sleep, and take a long vacation...which I'm planning for next summer.

Still, one of the activities that keeps me engaged and writing is learning something new. If I had to point to singular achievements for this past school year, they would include the following: Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations: The effect of these books on my work performance cannot be overstated. They simply were transformational and exceedingly helpful, providing the how-to facilitate conversations/confrontations in ways that didn't involve a sucker's choice (e.g. harmony vs results…

Content Curation on the #iPad

Ok, obviously, I'm getting more interested in content curation. Since I'm using my iPad more and more, it's natural to ask, how does one accomplish content curation? While there are many tools available, here's the current crop of tools to curate and read content. And, yes, I've added them to my must-have iPad apps list already.

Curating:EverNote (no cost) - This is the best app on the iPad, IMHO, with its note-taking capabilities that include still images, audio and more. I simply love this app. If I find out that upgrading will result in saving EverNote content to my iPad for offline viewing, then I will happily pay for it.Pinterest (no cost) - "Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find in your life."LiveBinders (no cost) - If you've played with Livebinders, you'll know how it works. This app allows you to view and edit existing LiveBinders. If not, check some Livebinders out!Pearltrees (no…