Video Streaming High School Graduations

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Wondering what to do about video streaming high school graduations? Here are some responses from Technology Directors in would you accomplish this service?

We used it last year for both of our graduations (8th and HS) and are doing the same this year. We had around 30 people watching live.  We have all of our students sign a video release at the beginning of the year that includes online streaming.  I talk with the 8th and Sr's telling them that they will be recorded and streamed.  We only had one that didn't sign the release at the beginning and they signed at the end of the year for graduation ceremonies.
This year with the new Ustream Producer, it should make it easier to do a multicam shot without getting too fancy
You can see our graduation from last year at the link below:
We use UStream. You can protect your channel if you want. Free 
UStream is our choice for streaming any video content out of the district. Works great. Can be embedded into a school blog or website. Can turn off the chat by embedding. It has other benefits. Anything we do adds to the burden of the network. I can say that we successfully streamed 15 separate UStream sessions last year all day long with no issues for the several hundred folks using the network at the same time during a conference. Every network is different, though. 
I would encourage you to take a look at VLC (  I'm looking at going that route for our elementary morning video announcements, basketball game streaming to the concessions area (barring any UIL rules against it), potentially any remote teacher presentations, etc.  One nice thing is that you would also be able publish the stream somewhere so that a student missing class might be able to still watch the presentation.
Or, Adobe Connect:
Problem is, you can only have about 100 viewers at a time depending on the room. Find out more.
What are some other solutions?
Another important question to consider if you're going to stream is obtaining student/parent permission to stream video and post it online where it is publicly available:
We post a media release in each student handbook. Because we have video tech and Web master classes that produce DVDs, Podcasts, Blogs, andstreaming video, etc. it is really important for us to know who cannot be videotaped or whose likeness cannot be placed on the Website. We get that information at the first of each year and home room teachers, for elementary students, know who each student is that cannot be photographed or videotaped. During video projects we also remind teachers to put those students behind the cameras. We only have about 4 kids K-12 that have issues. Since the media release is in the student handbook that is handed out each year and on our website…we have had no problems in the last 12 years.
HEB ISD has a very similar policy. It also works beautifully. Our system is designed so we assume all students can be photographed and then parents must fill out the form and return it by a certain date at the beginning of school to omit their student. The form is in the student handbook.

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Josh Davis said…
We used Ustream for this year's graduation. In addition, we streamed all of our home football games and some basketball games. We have been real pleased with their service.

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