Sunday, May 13, 2012

Get ePub ebook files on your iPad

You'll never be bored for reading material if you can get ePub-formatted books onto your iPad. For example, some great places to find content include the following:

There are a million ways to load ebooks onto your iPad. A few that come to mind:
  • Copy the ePub ebook into Dropbox or cloud storage, then open it on your iPad with Stanza.
  • Connect your iPad to a Linux machine and then copy the ePub files into the Documents drive of the iPad. You'll need to put the ePubs into the Stanza documents directory.
  • Email the ePub to yourself, then open the ePub file with Stanza.
  • Load the ePub using iTunes via iBooks.
  • And, if you've been following the WebDav conversation, setup your own OwnCloud on your home/work computer, then access books from there (simply setup the OwnCloud URL to files (http://ipaddress/owncloud/files/index.php), login, and then you have access to all your books you've put in the OwnCloud. With this, you can select books individually then save them to your Stanza library!)
Another approach--which is the one I've used--if using iTunes involves the one illustrated below:

Works great, no need to mess with iTunes, cloud storage, etc. Of course, most folks don't have that handy.

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