Create Your Own #iPad #ePub Sharing Station with OwnCloud

Note that we are looking at an iPad running the Stanza app (free) connecting to
an Owncloud installation on a laptop computer.

Wouldn't it be neat to have students login to a public OwnCloud--a free Dropbox alternative you can host on school district servers with your own ePub ebooks, PDFs, etc.--and download the ebooks they need straight to their iPad?

You can do it if you've setup an OwnCloud installation! (you can also do it with Calibre by setting up an Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS), but that's another post)

And, if you've been following the WebDav conversation, setup your own OwnCloud on your home/work computer (or a district server inside the firewall or on the intranet), then access books from there (simply setup the OwnCloud URL to files (http://ipaddress/owncloud/files/index.php), login, and then you have access to all your books you've put in the OwnCloud. 

With this, you can select books individually then save them to your Stanza library!)...once you download the books, you can see them in your Stanza library:

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