Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 #iPad Apps for the Itinerant

Whew, over the last few days, it's been horrible suffering on my Macbook. For some reason, the OS is clunky, slow, and though it has pretty pictures, I am definitely missing the command line. While playing around with my iPad, I've had to do some interesting jobs and stumbled on some apps that you may find of interest.

App #1 - SSH Mobile Free
For example, while at work (my previous job), after turning in my equipment, I realized I could tweak a setting on the server to improve performance for my team. Rather than go borrow someone else's laptop, run Terminal in Mac or boot from my LubuntuLinux USB flash drive, I decided to see if I could do the job with the iPad. 

Sure enough, you can get the job done with the ad-supported SSH Mobile Free. It allows you command line access via SSH to a Linux server.

As I was looking for great ideas for an iPad intro activity for a staff development, I ran across Mark Wagner's workshop activity that involves using Splice Video Editor (ad-supported but free). Although designed for the iPhone, the Splice app was surprisingly easy to use (that is, I found it to be an easy app for a video-challenged person like myself) to create content.

App #3 - Onion Browser
If you're looking to surf the web incognito on the iPad, the $.99 Onion Browser app will allegedly make it possible. It certainly seemed to work as I tried it out with Check TOR and, both of which identify your IP address. Not familiar with TOR?

Tor is a service that routes your data through a sort of tunnel composed of Tor-connected computers, allowing connections to be made more or less anonymously, though with a significant penalty to transfer speed. Until now there was no easy way to connect your mobile browser to it, but Onion makes it a snap.
You install it just like a regular browser and there's some initial configuration of Tor, but after that it should be fairly easy to operate. You can manage cookies to control who tracks you between sites, and at any time you can create a "New Identity" that clears away every record and gets you a new IP address. (Source)
For $.99, it didn't seem that big an investment. I've only used it once, and I look forward to using it in school districts I visit that have things "locked down."

App #4 - Fileboard
Someone mentioned Fileboard in some blog post, so I thought I'd give it a shot (and, I added it to my must-have apps). I've since had time to play with it even more and find it quite useful when accessing documents from a variety of sources, such as Evernote, Dropbox, Box, and others. It simply gives you access to content

App #5 - SuperFiles Lite
Need to FTP a file from a web/ftp server somewhere? Then you have plenty of choices...but one of the few no-cost, ad-supported ones that actually works is SuperFilesLite. It's a beautiful looking app that allows you to download content, delete content (file by file, not folder as far as I could see).

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JeanTower said...

I am loving CloudOn. It works with my files in dropbox and allows me to open and edit and save from my iPad - I get all the office-like edit tools. It is free and works great!

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