Thursday, March 1, 2012

Social & Technical - A Winning Combo for Females?

With a daughter (gee, I'm writing a lot about family these days) considering a future in Engineering and Writing--what an interesting combination--I'm curious on how to best encourage females to get into technical fields. 

One of my, perhaps uninformed, opinions is that young women get pulled into technical fields by different things than do their male counterparts. For example, consider the points made in this blog post: based on this study,  Solutions to Recruit Technical Women:
  • Build strong ties to conferences, colleges and universities, and professional organizations where there are high proportions of women from diverse backgrounds.
  • Use social networks strategically to increase the number of female candidates for technical positions and minimize homogeneity in referrals.
  • Re-think the meaning of “cultural fit” to broaden the talent pool under consideration and limit the effect of hidden bias.
  • Build gender-diverse hiring teams and showcase technical women during the interview process.
  • Set targets to hire technical women.
  • Require that every open technical position have a viable female candidate.
  • Redefine the pipeline — create alternative pathways to technical positions and establish mechanisms to bring women back to technical roles.
Combine those tidbits with the information in the graph below, and....
Source: as cited at
Women use social networks to connect with their friends, family and colleagues more than men, finds a new survey. . .34% of women and 22% of men use social media to stay in touch with their coworkers. (Source: as cited at makes me ask, how are we using social networking in K-16 schools to better encourage females to consider technical positions?

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there is a need for technical editors

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