RSS Magic - Feeding Your Tumblr

sometimes, I just want to hit kick myself. I just setup to feed ALL my RSS feeds (blog,evernote,etc) into 
Yes, believe it or not, I'm feeling dumb this morning. I woke up and unbidden, the thought popped into my head. What if I routed the RSS feeds for everything I do online into my blog? What would happen? 

Well, what would happen is that I'd end up with a backup of my blog, my Evernote contributions (considerable now), and tons more RSS feeds.

If I'd set this up months ago, wow, I'd have an incredible backup of stuff all in one place. Ah well.

Ok, think of the possibilities for doing this with your school blogs, wikis, twitter feeds, and more!!

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Unknown said…
too much for a simple classroom teacher like me to think about (;

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