Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reflecting on You - Gauges for Your Blog or Web Site

Every once in awhile (actually, 3-4 times per day), I'll wonder, "Who is visiting Around the Corner?" It's one of those questions that nags at the back of my mind, and I have to put it off with more work, quality fiction or just cave and take a long look at you as you drop in for a visit.

Several tools I use to give me insights into visitors include the following:

1) ClustrMaps: Not only does ClustrMaps give me that nice world map at the top of this blog entry, but it gives me pretty detailed info about how many visitors I've had from all over the world. For example, my top 10 states in the U.S.A.--from which there have been 58,693 visitors--include the following:
  1. Texas (TX) 10,091
  2. California (CA) 9,186
  3. New York (NY) 3,344
  4. Washington (WA) 3,082
  5. Georgia (GA) 2,578
  6. Iowa (IA) 1,948
  7. Florida (FL) 1,888
  8. Illinois (IL) 1,849
  9. Pennsylvania (PA) 1,617
  10. Ohio (OH) 1,509
As I review those stats, I'm thrilled to see Texas has so many folks interested in reading Around the Corner. Doug Blue Skunk Johnson often points out something about critiquing globally, praising locally. I look at this and pray that such readership is getting the message out to the people who need to see it--school leaders!

And, of course, I also have to like how ClustrMaps features visitors from different countries, as shown below with the top 11 countries featuring over 1000 visitors:

Just amazing.

2) Statcounter - I've written about statcounter before, especially how it helps me track visitors on a daily basis.

My personal blogging goal is to break 1000 hits per day. Peanuts for many super-star bloggers, but I'm grateful for these!

3) Blogger Stats - One of the neat features of Blogger is that it gives you stats...
4) Feedjit - It's nice to see what blog entries are popular and trending on a given day, so I'm grateful for the information! Here are two of their lists as of this blog post:

Nifty, huh?

How can you get these for your blog? Go to the web sites below and follow the directions!
And, for those of you who don't bother to put these "gauges" on your blog, don't complain when you share that no one is reading your stuff. Chances are, you are getting plenty of visitors but you don't know how many.

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1 comment:

Heather Rigby said...

Hi! My name is Heather Rigby and I am a student of Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at The University of South Alabama. I find these tools very fun and interesting. I currently have a ClutrMap on my blog. However, I hope to soon have Feedjit. I love being able to see who all has visited my blog. I think it is important to know that someone is reading and cares about what you have to say.
I will be posting a summary of your posts and my comments on my blog on March 12, 2012.
In the meanwhile happy blogging!

The Courage to Lead