Must-Have iPad Apps (07/18/2012)

Suffer from "app addiction?" If so, you've come to the right place if you're into productivity tools for your iPad!! Here's my latest list for iPad along with a few extra items thrown in for good measure! I'll be revisiting this list from time to time, pruning it, expanding, so be sure to check back periodically! 
Note: School district looking for apps and suggestions for pre-loaded iPads? I've also included some links to school district lists of apps at the bottom of this post, so be sure to check that out as well!

Rather than separate apps by no-cost vs cost, I've blended them in together but merely noted the cost in parentheses. I hope you'll find the list useful and contribute to it in the comments of this blog entry!
  1. Cloud Storage Solutions - You may not believe it, but I use all 3 of these. Be sure to get the iFiles ($3.99) app so you can add and manage multiple file streams and accounts such as email for attachments, Office 365Dropbox and
    1. Box (no cost) - 50 gigs of free storage, 25 meg upload limit per file. Great for sharing!
    2. Dropbox (no cost) - Check out this Dropbox cheat sheet (or quick ref guide!). 
    3. SugarSync (no cost) - an easy way to access videos from your iPad and not have to use iTunes to get them on the iPad!
  2. Content Curation
    1. Curating - Also,be sure to read this blog entry on iPad Browsers and their sharing ability.
      1. EverNote (no cost) - This is the best app on the iPad, IMHO, with its note-taking capabilities that include still images, audio and more. I simply love this app. If I find out that upgrading will result in saving EverNote content to my iPad for offline viewing, then I will happily pay for it.
      2. Pinterest (no cost) - "Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find in your life."
      3. LiveBinders (no cost) - If you've played with Livebinders, you'll know how it works. This app allows you to view and edit existing LiveBinders. If not, check some Livebinders out!
      4. Pearltrees (no cost) - A nice visual interface that allows you to create trees of content you like, share it, and allow others to contribute/curate with you.
    2. Reading Other's Curation (all no cost)
      1. Zite A phenomenal app enabling you to read content from everywhere. I love that you can drop content into section topics, exposing you to content you didn't know existed about stuff you are interested in!
      2. Flipboard - This incredible app turns RSS feeds into beautiful magazines you can flip through easily. Some other possibilities: Flud
      3. Taptu - More magazine goodness on your iPad, but not based on social media. Some other possibilities in this category include Zinio.
      4. News360 - Access news on your iPad. Other competitors include News.MePulse.
      5. Showyou Video Curation - Shows you video content. Hmm. 
  3. eBook Reading Software
    1. Nook (no cost) - Since I own a few Nook books, and the Nook reader serves as an ebook reader, this is a nice one to have.
    2. Amazon Kindle  (no cost) - I don't currently own any books on Amazon for myself, but plan to in the future.
    3. Stanza (no cost) - free ebook reader. I use this app all the time!
  4. Image Editing/Annotation
    1. Instant Sketch ($0.99) - This wonderful app will take any picture in your camera roll, or a fresh picture you take, and make a sketch out of it. Works great!
    2. Photoshop Express (no cost) - Edit and share photos.
    3. Skitch for iPad (no cost) - Edit and share images, etc.
    4. PicStitch (no cost) - An easy tool to "stitch" photos/images together using panels. Easy to use, and great for juxtaposing images.
  5. Multimedia and Video
    1. Creating Video
      1. Videolicious (no cost) - A great tool for creating videos!
      2. Splice Video Editor ($3.99) - A video creation/editor tool to blend still images into video.
      3. BluxMovie ($2.99) - An easy to use app that lets you apply filters to movies as you make them, recording audio AND/OR adding audio from your iTunes library, then facilitates sharing with others.
    2. Viewing Video
      1. Netflix (no cost) - Since I'm an avid Netflix subscriber, this will come in very handy!
      2. Crackle (no cost) - Stream movies from Sony Entertainment. Allegedly, bigger library than Hulu Plus according to this review.
      3. HBO Go (no cost) - Watch popular HBO shows.
      4. iTunesU - Lots of great content available for free here, as well as other stuff!
      5. flex:Player (no cost) - This app allows you to view more than the standard video formats supported by iPad; flex:Player supports AVI, DivX, Xvid, VOB, MP4, MOV. Compare it to AVPlayer HD ($2.99) which offers support for additional video formats including XVID, AVI, WMV, RMVB, ASF, H264, MKV
    3. Considering these video apps for streaming video to Apple TV, but...
  6. Note-Taking
    1. EverNote (no cost) - This is the best app on the iPad, IMHO, with its note-taking capabilities that include still images, audio and more. I simply love this app. If I find out that upgrading will result in saving EverNote content to my iPad for offline viewing, then I will happily pay for it.
    2. Dragon Dictation (no cost) - This is an app I really didn't pay attention to until I watched the video above. "...speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard."
  7. Operating Systems and Remote Access to other OSs
    1. Onlive Desktop (free or $5 monthly fee) - Run Windows on your iPad via the cloud. Although there are reports it's illegal, I bet it will endure.
  8. Productivity/Office Apps/Printing (view comparison chart)
    1. CloudOn - This app enables you run MS Office on your iPad at no charge, if you need it.
    2. Office 2 HD ($7.99) - This is a must-have app if you use GoogleApps, need WebDav, Dropbox,, and integration with other systems. I bought this and love it's ease of use. You might want to read this comparison chart. It provides MS Word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint compatibility, as well as integrates with GoogleApps.
    3. iLife Apps - iPhoto ($4.99), iMovie ($4.99), and Garageband ($4.99) are all tools I've used to some degree or another. I'll be embracing these as tools to create with on the iPad.
    4. Keynote ($9.99). This presentation software allows you to embed video, images from your Camera Roll and creates stunning presentations. If you need a word processor, spreadsheet tool,  get Office 2 HD.
    5. GoodReader ($4.99)- A great app for PDF manipulation. You'll also want to get the DocuSign Ink (free) app to digitally sign PDF documents.
    6. Kabaam ($.99)- "Tell creative stories in a matter of minutes! Kabaam creates & publishes your own comics with just a few taps. "
    7. Print-n-Share ($8.99) - This seems like the best app solution you can get, enabling printing on Airprint and non-Airprint printers. With this app installed, you can Print to ALL printers (Not just AirPrint Printers) as well as print direct to most WiFi/Wireless printers without extra software.  The same vendor makes PrintCentral, also reputed to do the same thing.
    8. iThought HD ($9.99) - This app provides for graphic organizer creation (e.g. concept/semantic mapping, cluster maps) and saving to the cloud. An alternative to this is Idea Sketch (free)
  9. Screen Capture/Mirroring
    1. ScreenChomp (no cost) - Essentially, narrate/annotate tools for your iPad screen capture.
    2. EduCreations Interactive Whiteboard (no cost) - "Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. "
    3. Skitch - Just as nice on the iPad as on the desktop.
    4. Explain Everything ($2.99) - Same
    5. Reflection ($15.99) - Mirror your iPad/iOS device to your computer using this app. There's a nice review shown here.
    1. Social Media Tools (all no cost)- 
      1. Twitterrific - An alternative to the standard Twitter app, Twitterrific is simply fantastic in ease of use. You can almost ignore the advertising.
      2. Facebook - Although you can access Facebook with MyPad--which also handles Twitter integration--I like to keep my social media streams separate.
      3. Skype - This is obvious, right?
      4. Buffer - Curating content? Use Buffer to space out your tweets so you don't overwhelm your Twitter followers.
    2. Web Browsers -
      1. Puffin Free (no cost) - A browser that allows you to watch Flash video content on iPad. I use this app when accessing GoogleDocs since it works so well. I highly recommend investing in the full version, Puffin ($2.99) browser, since it handles Flash flawlessly.
      2. iCabMobile ($1.99) - A full-featured browser for the iPad that surpasses Safari. You may want to read this review of browsers for iPad. You can also use iCabMobile to save videos onto your iPad!
      3. Rover Browser (no cost) is another alternative browser for viewing Flash videos.
      4. Onion Browser ($.99) - Want to surf in private? Use the The Onion Network (TOR) browser that masks you identity on the network. The $.99 is a donation. It works but...maybe shouldn't be on my must-have list. ;-)
    Other apps that aren't must-have's but worth exploring:
    1. iPad as Interactive Whiteboard - While I confess I don't like the idea of IWBs, if you're already spending money on an iPad and an Apple TV, then you might as well consider one of these two apps.
      1. EduCreations Interactive Whiteboard (no cost) - "Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. "
      2. Doceri (no cost) - Although the app is free, you have to pay for the desktop software that installs on your computer.
      3. SplashTop ($5.49)
    2. Pocket Informant ($14.99) - This a calendar organizer and a lot more.
    3. iSSH ($9.99) - Enables you to remotely access SSH servers.

    One of my main complaints about the iPad was that it didn't offer support for Scratch programming from MIT...however, there are other solutions out there, such as the ones outlined in this blog entry--6 Awesome Code Editors for iPadYou may also want to check out these Autism related Apps.

    Another neat challenge is how to collect data via forms. You may recall I explored various tools in this blog entry, 4 Choices for Creating and Filling Out Forms on Your iPad.

    Many of the best apps in life are free...check out this list from TCEA/McAllen ISD. And, 40 best iPad apps for Young Learners.

    List of iPad Apps for Board Members

    Some resources worth spending a few hours on:
    Here's a list of resources from school districts:

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    Add to your #10 for screen capture... Educreations... Free
    Cynthia said…
    I would add Overdrive to your eBook readers - it's helpful for checking eBooks out of the library.

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